Green Building Blog: Cotton & Denim Jeans and Bamboo Usage for a Green Building

February 10th, 2010    Posted by George Trimarche |  Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments »  

Larry Bijou is known as an industry leader developer who creates green buildings. His building, the Garden Street Lofts has been certified as the first “gold” standard residential building in New Jersey by The U.S. Green Building Council (GBC),

Here's why the Loft won the gold standard:

  • Its floors are made with bamboo. Bamboo is easier to find than wood.
  • The sheetrock is made from 99 percent recyclable materials
  • Old cotton and denim jeans make up its insulation

The Lofts has some apartments that sell upwards of two million dollars.

Going green may not be as difficult as it seems given the materials that Larry Bijou used. And it certainly makes room for more "green" (dollars) given the price that those apartments are selling for.

Amazing isn't it?


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