Green Building Blog: Ready for Ready-made Green Homes?

February 18th, 2010    Posted by George Trimarche |  Posted in Energy-Savings, Green Construction | No Comments »  

Ready-made designs for green homes are now available. You can save money by buying these eco-designs and creating a home that saves energy.

Free Green and Fab-Homes are just two of the companies offering green-designs for green-homes. Some of these green-homes can save up to 90% of energy when compared to a standard home.
So how do these home designs create green homes?

Well, the homes have amazingly resilient exteriors with strong/thick insulation, windows that are triple-glazed, and floorplans that are compact. And these homes are designed to require minimal heating or cooling.

What'll they think of next? The mind just boggles at the innovation that continues in this field….


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