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Green Energy Blog: Introducing the Rose Wind Turbine
February 16th, 2010    Posted by George Trimarche |  Posted in Alternative Energy, Wind Turbines | 1 Comment »


Wind Energy conjures up images of large windmills and devices that just don't seem too practical for small implementations. But wait till you see the Rose Wind Turbine, a small portable wind turbine that can fit into the trunk of your car. Yep, it's that small.

As the name may suggest, the Rose Wind Turbine was inspired by a rose. Unlike traditional wind turbines, the Rose Wind Turbine is being sold as one marketed as a "quiet" wind turbines.

So what can you do with the Rose Wind Turbine?

Well, it can become a source for your radio or television, or it can be a source to light up your outdoor lighting. You can take it on camping trips and beach outings.

Imran Lobania, the man behind the creation of the Rose Wind Turbine states on his site that the Rose Wind Turbine is best suited for urban environments and can be set up without any base or concrete holding it in place.

Sounds like a pretty cool invention to me. I can just imagine laying on the beach enjoying a football game on television powered by the Rose Wind Turbine.

Ain't technology grand???