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Fire Alarm Systems for Offices
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In the past, when fire alarm systems didn’t exist, huge fires burnt down buildings, destroying complete neighbourhood, and causing loss worth several hundreds and thousands of dollars. The main reason for the damages caused by fires in the past was that there were not effective fire alarm systems that could detect and prevent fire from spreading out.

Today, all most all corporate buildings, and even residential buildings are using the fire alarm systems as it allows one to enjoy peace of mind and protect one’s family, as well as personal assets and belongings from fire. Fire alarm systems promote security with perfect protection from fire hazards.

Fire alarm systems are primarily of two types-conventional and automatic.

Conventional fire alarm systems comprise of cable line out of the control panel and ending with an end of line component, usually a resistor. Detectors and manual call points are connected along the cable line. The lines that are organized in this way in fire alarm systems are called conventional areas or zones.

In case of automatic or addressable fire alarm systems, the cable line connects various devices and is made to start from the control panel and return to it. Lines of addressable systems are called circles or loops. These lines or loops allow full identification of each circuit device mounted on an individual address.

Automatic fire alarm systems are better for business premises and corporate buildings as they allow accurate and efficient tracking and positioning of fire due to individual address of the activated device. Further, the movement of information is two-way – from the control panel to the alarm / signaling devices and vice versa.

Other benefits of these fire alarm systems include, continuous monitoring of the device status, ability to work continuously despite cable failure, using smaller and optimal length of the cord for connecting the system, and ability to store information about the devices and events occurring in the system, 

Offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and multi stored buildings make use of automatic fire alarm systems as they are at a greater risk of fire break outs due to extreme heat produced from various units and equipment installed out there.

For installation of fire alarm systems in offices as well as in homes, you may contact us. Our electrical contractors in Brooklyn are the best with years of knowledge and experience in handling electrical work. We can manage everything, including installation and repairs.

CCTV Camera-Helps You Keep a Watchful Eye and Be Secure
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The number of robberies and burglaries taking place has risen alarmingly, but thanks to technology we now have devices to tackle the growing security problem in the country. CCTV cameras have helped a lot in maintaining security in areas such as parking lots, shopping malls, streets, banks and offices. CCTV cameras are not only required in offices and public places, but are also important in your homes as accidents and robberies can take place anytime anywhere. If you think that you are safe at your home, there are so many statistics which say the opposite. Installing a CCTV camera in your home can be very beneficial as security is something that cannot and rather must not be compromised upon.

Installing CCTV cameras in your home and offices can help you stay safe and keep an eye on any undesirable activity that may occur inside or outside the premises of your residence or office.  Closed-circuit television cameras have stood the test of time and are known for their effectiveness and capability in keeping an eye on the happenings around places such as banks, military installations, casinos, convenience stores and airports.

Depending on the area which needs to be covered and the technology required, there are several CCTV cameras available on the market. After deciding on getting a CCTV, the next step would be to search for a good electrical contractor in Brooklyn

Centrim Electric is an electrical company with a difference. We understand that security is of paramount importance to you. We provide a host of commercial and mixed use electrical services that includes High-voltage Installs, Solar Installation Consulting, Geothermal Installation Consulting, Service Upgrades, Fire Alarm System, Stand by Generator and many more. Electrical contractors in Brooklyn are adept at providing quality electrical services.

The advantages of installing a CCTV camera are several. When installed in stores and shopping centers they can be used to identify and nab shoplifters, keep surveillance on cash registers and transactions in banks, avoid disasters and future mishaps in offices and work places and last but certainly not the least scaring away potential burglars and thieves. CCTV cameras can help keep a watchful eye on areas where one cannot be present physically.

CCTV cameras have been successful in preventing and reducing crimes like murders, burglaries, thefts, attacks and even accidents such as fire, so installing one would be highly recommended.

Heating Your Home in Winter with Electric Heaters
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One thing that needs to work really well for comfort during winters is the heating system. Electric heaters make it possible to enjoy the day even during the coldest days of December and January. In NJ and NY residential contractors registered with electrical contractors association can install electric heaters in different rooms of large and small houses.

An electric heater that does not work when required can be very irksome. The possible causes for an electric heater not working include:

Loose or disconnected wiring connected to heater unit
A tripped circuit breaker
Blown fuse
Incorrect thermostat setting
Obstructed airflow from unit
Defective heating element in the heater

Repairs for defective electric heaters can only be entrusted to experienced residential contractors. If the circuit breaker is tripped, it can possibly be reset by anyone, but it is also essential to check the reason for tripping of the circuit breaker and this why the services of residential electrical contractors are important. Similarly, if the fuse is blown or popped, it is replaced with appropriate fuse but the electrical contractor also checks the system to ensure that there are no other defects that can cause the problem to reoccur.

If fuse and/or circuit breaker are good but the heater is still unable to provide any warmth to the room, the heater may need to be repaired. For this the residential contractors have to turn off the power and check the heater control knob. If the unit has a separate thermostat, they need to remove the thermostat knob, the knob stem nuts and face plate mounting screws and remove the unit from the wall. The wiring connections are then checked and any loose or disconnected connections are set right. The thermostat setting should also be checked to make sure that it is not set too low.

Sometimes there may be a problem with the heating element of the electric heater and it needs to be replaced by the residential contractor.

At Centrim Electric we have a team of efficient residential electrical contractors in NJ and NY. We are registered with respected electrical contractors associations and are known for the quality for our services. Contact us today for the installation or repair work for your electrical heaters at most affordable rates.


Electrical Safety in a Garment Factory
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Electricity is a basic necessity for industrial establishments, but if used carelessly, it can be very dangerous. The main hazards of electricity are shock, burns, fire and explosion. These can result not only due to improper handling but also if the initial installation was not appropriate or if there was a lack of good maintenance. This is why only licensed and skilled industrial electrical contractors should be employed for electrical engineering services. In NJ, electricians should also be registered with the electrical contractors association.

In garment factories, inappropriate electrical fittings can not only cause shock and electrocution, but also a sudden fire. In order to ensure electrical safety in the factory owners and workers must take care of the following things:

  1. All plugs, sockets and fittings should be sufficiently robust for factory use and the wires and cables should be tested for any cuts or damages. All power cables to machines should be armored, covered in thick flexible rubber or PVC on installed in conduits. Skilled industrial electrical contractors can install the wiring in a way that it runs across the ceilings and walls and is then connected to individual machines. Wiring should not run across the floor where it is likely to cause trips and falls.
  2. There must be switches or isolators near all fixed machines to cut off the power. These switches should be clearly labeled and within easy reach and the workers should know how and when to use them. To ensure that these switches always function without any defects, industrial electrical contractors should be consulted for maintenance. ‘
  3. All circuits in the garment factory must be protected by fuses and circuit breakers. These must be correctly rated for the circuit that they protect.
  4. All equipment must be grounded and a separate earthing wire must run from the machines to an independent earthing rod. 
  5. There must be enough sockets in the factory. Use of multiple adopters and loose extension leads is not safe in industrial premises. By availing electrical engineering services, factory owners can get sockets and receptacles installed in the right corners.
  6. Portable tools like cutting machines and equipment should be double-insulated and earthed.

Centrim Electric is one of the leading electrical engineering services in NJ and NY. As industrial electrical contractors, we have successfully completed electrical projects for numerous large and medium scale organizations in New Jersey and New York. Contact us for any residential, commercial or industrial electrical installation/maintenance work.

Electrical Maintenance – About Electrical Circuit Overloads
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For household appliances to work efficiently and safely in the home, electrical maintenance and timely repair or replacement of faulty wiring is essential. Only an experienced and skilled electrical contractor must be contacted for such jobs.

There can be many reasons for damage caused to electrical equipment—circuit overloads is one of those.

Electrical circuit overloads occur when more amperage is put across an electrical wire or circuit than what it can handle. For instance, a wire that can carry 15 amps current should ideally be protected by a 15amp circuit breaker. If it happens to get connected to a 20-amp breaker instead, the circuit breaker would allow 20 amps of current to flow through a wire that can only handle 15 amps.

The wire and breaker start to heat up in such a case and may cause an electrical fire. Proper electrical maintenance calls for the use of circuit breakers with a rating suitable for the wires to be connected. At the time of new installations and during refurbishment, licensed electricians from an electrical contractors association can determine the suitability of the wires and circuit breakers for a connection.

During Christmas, people often tend to add too many strings of lights to one circuit, and this can also cause a circuit overload and a possible electric fire. Circuits can only handle the load they are rated for. The massive bulk of cord connecters protruding from the outlet can also become a fire hazard. The amperage draw of the light set must always be checked before the lights are connected to a power source.

Portable electric heaters used during winter can also cause circuit overload. If too many heaters are connected to the same circuit, the electric wires and circuit will heat up and trip the circuit breaker or blow the fuse.

Circuit overloads are also caused by loose or corroded wires and connections. For sound electrical maintenance, it is important o get wiring checked by a proficient electrical contractor at least once a year or when a new appliance is being installed at home. There can be cases where an electrical connection was exposed to moisture and corrosion. These need to be replaced in time.

At Centrim Electric we offer a wide range of services for electrical maintenance at home.  As the leading residential and commercial electrical contractor in NJ and NY, we also take care of numerous industrial projects for our clients and have always been appreciated for our emphasis on quality.

Periodic Tests and Inspections for Electrical Fittings
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Periodic tests and inspections are necessary to ensure the continual safe working of electrical installations especially in a commercial facility that employs large and complex electrical equipment. A periodic inspection by efficient electrical engineering services tests the condition and working of an existing electrical installation to determine its safety and suitability for a continued service.

Only licensed and experienced commercial electrical contractors should be contacted for periodic tests and inspections in a commercial or industrial facility. They should have all the necessary equipment and expertise to check: 

  • If any of the electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded
  • If there are any potential electrical shock risks or fire hazards associated with the electrical installations
  • The state of different safety devices such as fuses, circuit breakers, bus bars and ground fault circuit interrupters in the switchboard
  • The condition of earthing and bonding provisions
  • The accuracy of any electrical work that was performed in the premises by the organization’s own workers.

As compared to residential premises, industrial and commercial facilities usually have bulky and complex electrical installations. They also need additional security systems such as fire alarms, CCTV devices and secure access systems.

All electrical installations in commercial or industrial facility deteriorate with age. They undergo wear and tear due to continued usage but need to be maintained well to ensure the safety of visitors and the employees working in the premises. The repair if required for any installation must not be delayed. The contractor for electrical engineering services employed for testing can best determine the kind of repairs and replacements essential for different electrical equipment, safety devices and circuits.

For any commercial organization, it is advisable to get electrical testing and inspection performed every five years. The safety of existing electrical fittings may also have to be checked during the purchase and sale of a new property or while leasing the property to a new tenant.

At Centrim Electric we have a wide range of electrical engineering services for installation, testing, inspection, maintenance and repair of electrical systems. As the commercial electrical contractor of choice for many organizations in New Jersey and New York, Centrim Electric provides quality services to all its clients. Call us for any help that you need for your industrial, commercial and residential electrical works.