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Electrical Fittings in Your Basement
January 22nd, 2013    Posted by George Trimarche |  Posted in Lighting | No Comments »


Renovating a full height basement is a good way to add some more living space in your house. However, while converting the basement into a new room or hall, you do need to check the walls and corners for any cracks, and intermittent or permanent traces of moisture in the area. Quality of air circulation in the space is another aspect to take care of. To make the basement livable, you need to install appropriate electrical fittings – lights, fans, air conditioners and other equipment. This is where an experienced team of electrical contractors in NY comes to your rescue. Centrim Electric has successfully executed a number of electrical refurbishment projects for its residential and commercial clients.

A minor glitch in the electrical circuits of basement can cause sparks and fire to damage the entire enclosed space. Team Centrim Electric inspects each electrical fixture and wiring and installs them as per the size and architecture of the basement.

A large basement may have lighting fixtures that lay suspended from ceiling, track lighting, surface mount fluorescent fixtures, and surface mount incandescent fixtures. These can be wired into a light circuit so that when the switch is turned on, the entire basement bathes in light. The installation of three way switches at the top and bottom of the stairs adds to convenience and lets the users turn off the lights once they get upstairs.

While working on basement renovation, licensed electricians in New York and New Jersey also need to evaluate all HVAC systems (heating ventilation and air conditioning) that are older than 15 years. This is essential to determine their capacity and efficiency for additional installations. If the existing HVAC system of your house is unable to handle the additional load, a separate heat pump or air handler can be installed for the basement. This is a solution for heating and cooling in a single, compact unit. The enclosed unit also becomes more energy efficient and is simpler and more convenient to maintain. It further helps to avoid the need for piping and wire penetrations through the exterior walls.

Centrim Electric is a group of licensed residential and commercial electrical contractors in NY and NJ. We offer quality services for electrical installation, maintenance and repairs. If you are searching for an electrical contractor to refurbish your basement with appropriate electrical fittings, contact our team for the quickest services today.

Lighting and Air Conditioning Solutions for Supermarkets
December 20th, 2012    Posted by George Trimarche |  Posted in Lighting | No Comments »


An average American family visits supermarkets and large grocery stores 2.2 times a week. Stores that are comprehensively planned and well lit help them to locate products conveniently, and they feel comfortable shopping at such centers. While planning and installing lighting fixtures and other electrical appliances at their premises, store owners obviously need the services of licensed and experienced commercial electricians. In the United States, commercial electricians registered with electrical contractors association help not only in the installation but also in the annual maintenance of electrical fittings in supermarket stores.

When they visit a supermarket, people make decisions on what they see. This is why it is critical to use appropriate fixtures, lamps and filters that enhance the appearance and fresh look of edible items stored on the shelves. Lighting should be bright enough to make the merchandise appealing. Small print on packages should also be easy to read in the light. Centrim Electric has experienced professionals who install effective lighting fixtures at appropriate spots and at proper angles to ensure that the entire area is illuminated well. Appropriately placed light fixtures also reduce the glare and reflection on glass cases and allow customers to clearly see the products contained within.

There is a myriad of features to consider while planning the lighting designs for supermarkets: color rendering and form, points of interest, lamp life, distribution of lights, system control and flexibility, efficiency and lumen maintenance. As a team of professional electrical contractors in Brooklyn Centrim Electric has tools and resources to plan and implement the best lighting solutions for supermarkets and large retail stores in the city.

A supermarket that stores groceries and other edible products also needs to have temperature controlled environment. There must be an effective refrigeration system for the huge glass boxes that store perishable products like ice creams, frozen vegetables, juices, and dairy products. The air conditioning in the store has to be conducive to a comfortable shopping environment.  An experienced commercial electrical contractor ensures that all such appliances and electrical systems are working in an appropriate manner and are completely safe for the store.

If you need a commercial electrician for the installation and maintenance of electrical systems in your supermarket or retail store, your search ends with Centrim Electric. Having successfully handled several commercial electrical projects in NJ and NY, we offer services to malls, supermarket stores, hotels, restaurants and other commercial establishments. Contact our team for the finest commercial electrical contractors’ services in your state.

Motion Security Lighting Is Important For Securing Your House from Burglars
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Lighting plays an important role in guarding residential places, offices, stores and other important places. It is a well known fact that burglars, thieves and miscreants stay away from well lit places. Therefore, lighting in appropriate places in and around the house is crucial for security.  Technology has been instrumental in preventing crimes that take place due to lack of adequate safety and security measures. Motion sensor lighting can be of great help and thus, should be an important component of your home security plans.

Most motion sensor lighting use a passive system for detecting unauthorized human entry. The sensors detect infrared energy, which send signals to an alarm, which in turn triggers cameras or other electronic devices to capture images and videos. Human beings radiate IR energy between nine and ten micrometers. If the device is not calibrated correctly, to measure human frequency, then the device looses its utility as it may detect small animals and other environmental elements. Therefore, for the device to work effectively it is important to maintain the correct detection limit. As soon as the device detects some sort of motion it will signal lights to be switched in order to scare away potential burglars and thieves. In active type of motion sensors the change in energy emitted and energy returned is used for detecting motion.

Electrical contractors in Queens are adept at providing and installing motion sensor lighting in your house. But before you make the final choice have a discussion with the electrical contractor regarding information pertaining to the architectural framework of your house, the area you want to be covered by the motion sensor and other important things. If you plan on having a large area covered by motion sensors let the electrical contractor know about in advance so that he can get multiple lights and other equipment required for installing the motion sensor.

The use of motion sensor lights for security purposes is common these days. Restrooms, residential places, grocery store doors and security systems all use motion security lights. Centrim Electric is a premier electrical contracting firm that has been serving the public of the Tri-State Area for over 50 years. The services we offer include residential, commercial and mixed use, project consulting, design build assist and value engineering.

Tips for Purchasing Outdoor Christmas Lights
December 4th, 2012    Posted by George Trimarche |  Posted in Lighting | No Comments »


The most awaited festive season is already here and it is time to give a fancy look to your house with decorative lights, streamers, mistletoes and Christmas Trees. You have used those little, round, colored bulbs for years but there is a wide range of attractive Christmas lights including LED lights now available in the market. Licensed and experienced electrical contractors in Brooklyn will help you to put your lights safely and in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Planning to purchase and use a new set of Christmas lights? Here are some helpful tips by experienced electricians of Centrim Electric:

  • Before you actually begin to buy your light sets, determine the areas that you want to illuminate – the trees, the garden, the patio, the rooms, the fences and any other parts of the house.
  • When confused between white and colored light bulbs, choose the white ones – not only they look bright but give an attractive look to any area or tree.
  • You can choose rope lights that are also in vogue this Christmas season. These are flexible rows of lights with clear PVC tubing inside. They can be bent and shaped making them easier to put and store. Rope lights may be LED or in incandescent forms.
  • Ensure that the lights are well insulated and have water proof coverings – you need to be well prepared for a ‘White Christmas’ and the lights should keep your house well illuminated throughout the night.
  • While plugging in the lights, remember that the basic electrical plug can handle up to three strands of lights at a time. If you try to plug in more, it may result in a short circuit or electrical fault, leaving your house in dark.
  • For lights in the garden and patio, try to use only outdoor electrical outlets. Trailing electrical wires indoors through windows is not very safe and convenient.

For safe and beautiful decorations on Christmas, you can simply contact professional electricians registered with the electrical contractors association in the Tri State area. Centrim Electric has years of experience in installation, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment and appliances. Simply give us your creative plans and we will send our licensed electricians to your door step for the most wonderful illumination this season!

Do Your Light Bulbs Burn Out Early?
February 16th, 2012    Posted by George Trimarche |  Posted in Lighting | No Comments »


Light bulbs are simple but useful electrical devices and are used in every home in NJ and NY. Typically, an incandescent bulb has a lifespan of about 900 hours. As per NJ electricians, if you use electrical bulbs for an average period of eight hours a day, a bulb should last for about 4 months. However, if you recently replaced bulbs in your rooms but the life span turned out to be less than this, there may be some problems in the fixture or in the electric circuit in your house. In NJ an electrician approved by electrical contractors association can be consulted to check and rectify the problem. 

Following are three basic reasons that cause electrical bulbs to burn out early or work improperly:

High voltage at home: If the supply voltage to your home is a little higher than usual, bulbs will typically burn brighter and burn out much faster. To detect this issue an NJ electrician uses a volt meter and checks the voltage in an outlet or at the service panel. The normal voltage is between 115 – 125 volts. Anything higher than this is considered excessive and your electrical utility company needs to be called to correct the problem.

Extreme fixture vibrations: Another reason for bulbs burning out is a lot of fixture vibrations. A good example of this is a ceiling fan in your home that also incorporates lighting on the unit. When a fan blade becomes unbalanced, the fan starts to shake. The vibration jiggles the filament in the bulb and this will lead to shorter bulb life. A rectification or replacement of the entire unit is required in such cases.

Flickering bulb: When a bulb is loose in the socket it can flicker on and off – this can cause it to eventually burn out. The problem can be solved by simply tightening the bulb. But the problem of flickering bulb may also be caused by loose electrical wire connection. This needs to be checked by an NJ electrician. Contacts in the center of the socket sometimes get worn or corroded and cause a lot of trouble. The electrical contractor can replace the socket in such a case and this will prevent your bulb from burning out due to uneven supply of power.

Centrim Electric is amongst the reputable commercial electrical contractors of NJ and NY. We also provide residential electrical services in these states at affordable rates. Contact us today to get any electrical problem fixed!

Lighting in Industrial Enterprises
July 1st, 2011    Posted by George Trimarche |  Posted in Commercial, Lighting, Residential | No Comments »


The aspects of lighting in industrial premises are quite different from those of commercial and residential lighting. The aesthetic appeal is a priority while installing lighting fixtures in a house, hotel, restaurant or office but it may not be very significant for a factory, warehouse, cold storage or workshop. What matters more in a huge industrial facility is cost efficiency and coverage. Industrial electrical contractors also need to install suitable lighting systems in premises with adverse conditions such as the factories with wet or moisture laden environment.

Lighting in an industrial setting must contribute to the workers’ efficiency in daily operations. At the same time, the system must be energy efficient as the continuous use of lighting adds up to daily running costs. High intensity flood lights are broad beamed and can illuminate an area well with bright white colored light. Experienced industrial electrical contractors can advise the most efficient and cost effective lighting devices for an industrial facility.

Two issues that pervade the lack of professional integration in industrial lighting are – the linear nature of design work and the degree of specialization.

The industrial lighting designs that use natural light are often repressed by the conventional linear approach to design. The architectural design of many buildings is generally completed before industrial electrical contractors are brought into the design process. This seriously decreases the opportunities to include day-lighting provisions in the building shell plan. If real synergy is desired, the mechanical engineer and electrical contractor must participate in the earliest stages and plan input on actions that impact lighting and air conditioning loads.

Degree of specialization is another factor that impacts industrial lighting. Modern industrial buildings are quite huge with complex designs and the work of architects who plan these structures is highly compartmentalized. However, a lighting system that suits the requirements of one section of the building may not be appropriate for another unit due to its typical design. Services of skilled industrial electrical contractors prove helpful when crucial decisions have to be taken for placing, positioning and illumination degree of lights in different areas of an industrial facility.

Industrial electrical contractors keep pace with the changing technologies in the domain of lighting and other electrical systems and their services are also crucial for the safe installation of all electrical devises.

Centrim Electric, the well known residential and commercial electrical contractors also offers services for installation, maintenance and repairs of complex lighting systems in huge industrial facilities. We are committed to highest levels of customer service and work to give you the most delightful results on all projects that we work on.