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Replacing Defective Electrical Switches
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The little switches on the electrical switchboards are used to turn the lights and power operated appliances on and off.  For electrical safety and durability of connected equipment, it is important to ensure that all electrical switches in your house are in proper working condition. An odd snap sound, crackle, or pop sound when the switch is turned on or off could be the sign that switch is defective. As a reputable group of electrical contractors in Queens, Centrim Electric offers quality electrical maintenance services to its customers – we help you in the timely identification of defects, repairs and replacements. 

If the switch gives out a sizzling sound, there is a possibility that its contacts are arcing and the switch is getting heated. The circuits need to be shut to prevent further damage to the switch. If the switch becomes too hot there may be a smell of plastic burning as the contacts can get hot enough to melt the plastic switch parts. To prevent such problems, it is important to get switches inspected as a part of regular electrical maintenance.
You might also notice a flickering light if the contacts of the switches are weak or burnt. The switch may become loose and may wiggle sideways. This indicates cracked or broken switch. At times a crackling or sizzling noise may also be due to a loose wire connection to the screw terminal of the switch. The connection then needs to be taken out, cleaned and reinstalled.

The most important point is to understand the warning signs and replace the switches in time. A defective electrical switch may become hot enough to start a fire – timely replacement is very crucial and because fiddling with electrical equipment is not safe, you need to contact electrical contractors for the job. 

At Centrim Electric, we understand that the sound working of different switches is integral for the safety and durability of your house electrical systems. We offer electrical maintenance services in cities of NJ and NY. Our job is to ensure flawless working of all electrical equipment and wiring at the premises of our residential, corporate, and industrial clients. We also provide advanced electrical engineering services to commercial and industrial clients. Call us at 1-8777-WIRES-10 for any electrical installation, repair or maintenance work.

Parts of an Industrial Electrical Switchboard
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A typical switchboard in industrial premises has several devices to regulate the flow of current and to ensure the safe working of electrically operated machines in the industry. The services of experienced and proficient commercial electricians are integral to the safe installation of an industrial switchboard and for the maintenance or repair of the various devices on the switchboard. Centrim Electric is an electrical contractor of choice for a number of commercial organizations across New Jersey and New York – our electricians also help you understand the parts and functionalities of switch boards installed in your facilities.

The switchboard frame is the base that houses and supports all other components. The bus bars are conductors that serve as common connection for two or more circuits. Horizontal bus bars are used for the distribution of power to each section of switchboard section. Vertical bus bars distribute power to load devices through the over-current devices. The bus bars may be made of aluminum or copper. Any glitch with bus bars can result in uneven and unsafe distribution of current in the facility and a licensed commercial electrician must be contacted at the earliest to avoid serious complications or safety hazards.

The circuit protection devices on industrial electrical switchboards control and stop the flow of current as and when required. The flow of electric current can be instantly stopped in case of a short circuit, ground fault, or over load in the wiring or industrial machinery. Fuses, circuit breakers, ground fault circuit interrupters and arc fault circuit interrupters are the typical circuit protection devices used in a switchboard.

Fuses and circuit breakers disconnect the circuit automatically when the current flowing through them exceeds a certain limit. At this time the fuse melts and circuit breaker trips the circuit open. At the time of new electrical installations or during electrical refurbishment in the industrial premises, a commercial electrical contractor installs effective fuses and circuit breakers to ensure the complete protection of all machines and equipment.

Commercial electrical contractors also place ground-fault circuit interrupters on switch boards for factories in damp locations, construction sites, and other high-risk areas. These devices are meant to interrupt the flow of electric current in as little as 1/40 of a second to prevent electrocution. The arc-fault devices are also used to protect equipment from the impacts of arc-faults by recognizing the characteristics unique to arcing and by functioning to de-energize the circuit when an arc-fault is detected.

If you need reliable and experienced electricians for the installation and maintenance of switchboards in your facilities, your search ends at Centrim Electric. We have a team of licensed electricians for and give our customers the most delightful results on every electrical project that we undertake.

Electric Hydronic Heaters for Winters
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With Christmas season around, winters are ‘officially’ here and it is time to make sure that all those electrical heating systems are working well! Winters in New York City, Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse and surrounding areas are very chilly. The temperature may dip down to as low as 13 degree Fahrenheit. However, there is a wide range of heaters to maintain comfortable living environment in residential and commercial buildings across the state. As one of the most trusted and experienced groups of electrical contractors in New York, Centrim Electric helps you to install and maintain your electric heaters for ideal temperature.

Hydronic heaters are known for their superior operational efficiency for heating of rooms. Electric hydronic heaters are home heating systems that combine the principles of electric resistance heating with the technology used in conventional boilers. Unlike gas or electric-powered furnaces that heat air directly, electric hydronic heaters use electricity to heat a fluid – this in turn heats surrounding air. As per the design of its system, an electric hydronic heater may utilize either water or a refrigerant. This fluid is sealed within the unit. It is also connected to piping to prevent leaks and burns and helps to extend the life of the unit. Hydronic heaters need not be linked with household plumbing. They are wired into the power supply, and can also be wired with a remote thermostat.

Water-based heating systems are practically noiseless and can be installed under any type of flooring. The heat generated evenly warms up the entire room and not just the floor. Studies show that hydronic floor heaters are 20 to 40 per cent more efficient than dry heating systems. What's more, the heat retention mechanism of these heaters helps to maintain a comfortably warm temperature in a room even if there is a sudden power failure.

Electric hydronic heaters are low on maintenance and being closed systems, they do not call for periodic refilling of fluid.

Centrim Electric offers a wide range of services for installation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems in residential, commercial and industrial premises. As commercial electricians, we are registered with the electrical contractors association and handle electrical projects for some of the most prestigious organizations across NY. NJ and FL. Contact us today for any work on electric hydronic heaters and enjoy a comfortable, warm environment in winters!

Adding New Electrical Outlets
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Tired of using long extension cords whenever you need to use an electrical appliance across rooms? At times it may be necessary to install new electrical outlets in certain areas. If, for instance, you need to vacuum the car at least once or twice a month and do not have an electrical outlet there, it makes sense to add one. Installation of new electrical outlets may also be required during house renovation or extension of certain rooms. It goes without saying that adding electrical outlets is not an easy task and obviously you cannot play around electricity. Licensed electrical contractors in Manhattan are best suited for the job. Centrim Electric is one of the premier electrical contracting firms of New York, and New Jersey. Our team has years of experience in handling all kinds of electrical projects for residential, commercial and industrial premises. We have professionals to flawlessly install new electrical outlets at your premises.

How are electrical outlets installed? 

The first step is to locate an appropriate spot for the outlet. Electrical contractors also measure the length and breadth of the other outlets, if any, on the wall. In a standard American house are studs (on electrical cables) placed inside the wall at equal distances from each other. The outlet must be installed between two studs.

For the next step, a proficient electrical contractor ensures that there are no other electrical outlets or ducts running through the wall that has been chosen for the new outlet. The source and direction from where electrical power will reach the outlet, also need to be checked. A cut in outlet box is used for installation.

The electrician makes a hole in the wall to suit the size of the cut-in box. Right kind of wires are then attached from the new outlet to the power source – after this it is important to ensure that the outlet box is tightly attached on the wall and does not jiggle around. Further, the base metal wires must not be exposed anywhere along the line before the power is switched on to check the outlet.

Registered with electrical contractors association, Centrim Electric is a group of qualified and highly experienced electrical contractors in Manhattan. We work tirelessly to set the highest standards in electrical contracting services in the New York, New Jersey, and Tri-State Area. Contact us today for safe and hassle free installation of electrical systems at your premises.

Maintenance of Electrical Systems in Offices
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The network of electrical systems in an office is more complex than residential electrical systems. Besides central air conditioning and a lighting system, there is a large number of computers, projectors and other electrical equipment that are used daily. To ensure efficient performance of these and for safety of employees at work, it is obviously important to maintain this part of infrastructure well. This is exactly where professional and experienced electrical contractors in New York come into picture.

A small or medium sized enterprise may spend thousands of dollars on the maintenance of its premise. Periodic visits by licensed electrical contractors should also be a part of the office maintenance schedule. Testing & tagging is the backbone of any electrical maintenance program. The systems that ought to be checked by professionals include:

·         Power Outlet installation and fitting

·         Data Point Installation and advice

·         Electrical wiring and rewiring

·         Lighting fit outs

·         Electrical Installation

·         Cabling of computers

·         Phone and VoIP systems

·         Air Conditioning units and cables

·         Data cable fitting 

·         Automated doors and systems

·         CCTV and intercom systems

·         Emergency Lighting

All broken or poorly functioning equipment must be repaired or replaced on time to avoid inconvenience or accidents. Cracked plugs or sockets, burn out marks on wires, leads that are ripped or kinked, and equipment that bears signs of inappropriate usage are some of the things that should be repaired or replaced by experienced electricians. Over heating of equipment is also an indication of problem that must be checked. Poor lighting that affects the productivity of staff should not be neglected.  Fluorescent bulbs used in workplaces do get dull over time – do not wait for them to completely blow out before replacement.

By putting an electrical maintenance program in place, a business not only minimizes the possibility of costly repairs in future, but also improves the office environment for employee safety and productivity. As the licensed electrical contractors in New York and New Jersey, Centrim Electric offers contract maintenance services to all its commercial and industrial clients. With qualified and richly experienced personnel in our team, we have efficient electrical solutions for a variety of complex equipment and fixtures. Contact us today for installation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems in your organization. We also offer electrical services to residences across New York and New Jersey.

Electrical Contractors and Their Services
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Electricians are responsible for installation of lights, wires, power outlets and other electrical components in homes and businesses. While you are thinking to restructure your house or renovate your office, you require an efficient electrical contractor in Brooklyn. Moreover, various industries who work on electrical equipment require regular examination of their electrical devices in order to ensure the wellbeing and protection of the people working there due to some electric failure. Industrial electrical contractors prove out to be the best solution in such situations. A team of skilled NJ electricians at Centrim Electric is well-versed in offering proficient services for installation, maintenance and repair of electrical appliances, electric circuits and other systems in homes and commercial premises.

Whatever your electrical needs are, whether it be a large scale project or merely the design of a smaller scale venture, an electrical contractor in Brooklyn can help you out efficiently. While carrying out the installation of electrical devices, the electricians prepare an estimate which includes the total cost of equipment, labor, materials and profit. With proper knowledge and experience, they form a perfect layout for your project. The professionals not only ensure proper fitting of electrical devices but also their smooth functioning as well. These contractors are well versed in their own domain of managing low voltage, installation of alarm, network installation and all other facilities.

Finding a suitable electronic servicing agency that features a positive reputation in the market can be a daunting task. One needs to be extremely careful with the approach in order to find the best options available. Centrim Electric is one such electrical contracting firm that provides quality services in New York and New Jersey. Our commercial electrical contractors in Brooklyn work for electrical installation, maintenance and repairs.

The team of commercial electrical contractors in Brooklyn has years of experience in electrical engineering. We invigorate your offices, hotels, restaurants and business with our updated electrical consulting services. Regardless of size and structure, Centrim’s team of commercial electrical contractors promises on-time completion of your project. Commercial electrician team saves your time and money. If you are looking for a good electrical contractor to renew or repair electrical appliances, then contact us today.

Safety Assurance by Electrical Contractors
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Every appliance within a property calls for a periodic checking for installation, restoration, replacement or just a thorough inspection. It is very essential to take into account such activities because these can particularly help you in reassuring the safety of your home. A constant touch with a good service provider who can be at hand and endow you with an exclusive and guaranteed service can prove out to be really helpful. Centrim Electric is a full-service electrical contracting firm known for its reliability. Specializing in industrial and commercial accounts, Centrim Electric services smaller accounts with equal excellence.

Whenever one carries out a new construction it is necessary to give it a proper wiring in the most in proper hands. A building can not be completed without the proper electric installation. So Electric Contractors are there to help you. NJ electricians take contract of carrying out complete wiring of an organization or a home. They provide to you a complete list of the Electric Utility Services available according to your needs. There are a lot of companies to provide the installation of electric components but choosing the best in the field is a tough job to do when you are having no idea of it. It is always a better option to choose a company according to your requirements.

There are certain important things that are to be kept in mind whenever a new wiring of a building is to be done. Nowadays every appliance of daily use consumes a lot of power for functioning , so to give them proper amount of power required at the same instant to work we need more complexity of wires and junctions. Apart from all this, NJ electricians carry out an assessment on your existing electrics and inform you what needs updating. If a new rewire is needed, along with new distribution boards, power points and luminaries, the commercial electricians can provide you with a great price for the work that is involved.

Professional electricians at Centrim Electric have years of experience in their field and have successfully completed wiring and rewiring projects for homes and offices across New Jersey and New York. For the finest installation of electrical devices in your office within your budget, contact our team of commercial electricians today.

Electrical Contractors in Queens
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Electricity is among the most essential things when it comes to construction of a building in a proper manner. Only an experienced electrical contractor can ensure fixation of electrical devices with certification. Many offices, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, and other commercial buildings are using the services of electrical contractors in Queens. The professionals possess complete knowledge and experience in electrical installation, repairs, maintenance, and on-going technical support. Centrim Electric in New York and New Jersey is a team of experienced residential and industrial electrical contractors who help the people about the suitable installation and maintenance of entire electrical system.

Electrical contractors ensure that the various electrical fittings inside commercial buildings operate in the best possible manner, and do not cause any sort of problem to the public and to the occupants of the building. They work on high and mid-rise residential, single-family housing developments, multi-single-family town homes, and custom-built homes up to 20,000 sq. ft. being diverse in their field; they can very well carry out all thesetasks:

  • Replacing Outdated Receptacles & Switches
  • Installing Range-hoods & Microwave
  • Converting Gas-to-Electric Dryer and Gas-to-Electric Range
  • Adding New Rooms
  • Adding Track and Specialty Lighting
  • Carrying out new constructions

Even if you are looking for commercial electricians, then you can easily avail their services at Centrim Electric. No matter what the size or scope is, the industrial electrical contractors are fully capable of handling all types of electrical contracting projects. The electricians make sure that your wiring meets all the safety and efficiency code requirements. The electrical contractors in Queens can get the job done under a tight budget as well.

At Centrim Electric, our electricians are not just electricians. We are also consultants with a keen eye for delivering efficient services in all projects handled by us. Enacting a revolutionary mix of electrical consulting and electrical engineering services, including design-build expertise, Green sensitivity, and high-efficiency installation standards, we’ve been successfully powering hundreds of projects in the Tri-State area for years. The commercial electrical contractors at Centrim promise to complete up a project of enhanced quality, decreased costs, and superior timeline completion. Contact Centrim Electric and get the most experienced and professional Electrical Contractors in Queens to work on your project.

Find Electrical Contractors in Brooklyn
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An electrical contractor is a business person that carries out specialized construction work associated with the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems. Whether it is high-voltage power transmission or low-voltage lighting, electrical contractors ensure these systems work in a safe, effective, and environmentally-sound manner. Centrim Electric is a full-service electrical contracting firm known for its reliability. Specializing in industrial and commercial accounts, Centrim Electric services smaller accounts with equal excellence.

Before hiring an electrical contractor in Brooklyn, make sure your electrician is licensed by the state. Only an advanced apprentice or an experienced professional can carry out such a task easily. Electrical contractors not only carry out indoor work, but also carry out outside work and provide energy solutions as well. Basically, they are supposed to perform all these tasks:

  • 1.Maintain electrical systems of a building including interior and exterior lighting, power wiring, cabling, emergency power, parking lot lighting, etc.
  • 2.Look into electrical construction work such as power line construction, underground distribution, substations, street lighting, communications or signals.
  • 3.Carry out systems wiring such as Communications Optics, Security systems, Home Automation and Paging.
  • 4.Perform work requiring special skills and knowledge of energy conservation, energy efficiency, sustainable "green" construction practices, and renewable energy production.

Electrical contractors in Brooklyn are trained to perform all these electrical work. If there is any damage to the cord it is replaced by the contractors. If it is not replaced on time then it might lead to electrical shorts. Today, appliances we own are varied and need to be maintained. Even periodic check up of all the cords and attachments on all the appliances is essential against any wear and tear. One can easily depend on these experts who take care of all your electrical needs, from upgrading control panels to relocating and installing heavy machinery.

Professional electricians at Centrim Electric have years of experience in their field and have successfully completed wiring and rewiring projects for homes and offices across New Jersey and New York. As high rise electrical contractor in Brooklyn, we also work with architects and builders to install the finest electrical systems in high rise residential and commercial buildings. For the finest installation of electrical devices in your office within your budget, contact our team of commercial electricians today.

Electricity: Lifeline for Every Premise
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Electricity is the sole sustenance factor behind proper functioning of every premise, residential or commercial. The smooth running of numerous machines and equipments is reliant upon the continuous supply of electrical power. A professional electrical contractor in New Jersey helps you out in understanding the requirements of electrical devices and processes. There are various industries that work on hydro electric power and solar power. These professionals know the expectations of every industry and make sure that you are provided with what you want. Centrim Electric in New York and New Jersey is a team of experienced residential and industrial electrical contractors who help the people about the suitable installation and maintenance of entire electrical system.

There are times when residents plan to renovate their house. While planning a renovation, it is important to consider all the factors which are necessary for the proper working of every device and equipment. These factors are:

  • 1.Room Additions & Remodels
  • 2.Track and Specialty Lighting
  • 3.Replacement of Outdated Receptacles & Switches
  • 4.Adequate Wiring Updated to Latest Code Requirements
  • 5.Surge Protection
  • 6.Shock Prevention
  • 7.Electrical Service Upgrades & Alterations
  • 8.Security and Motion Lighting

Old fashioned wiring system is not at all appropriate for modern appliances. Through rewiring, you not only get the all your devices upgraded easily. A premise may not be that old but if there are indications of renovating electrical system, then it should not be ignored. Ignoring such a warning can be life threatening for the people residing in it. These indicators can be overheating in sockets, sudden power loss and frequent tripping of switches. Electrical contractor in New Jersey are the best people to be contacted as soon as you observe any of these situation at your premises.

Professionals at Centrim Electric carry out electrical contracting in New Jersey efficiently. With years of experience in their domain, the professionals are capable enough to rewire and redesign the complete electrical system lucratively. There are experienced architects and builders as well who are capable enough in installing good electrical system in buildings. If you want finest electrical service for your premises, then contact us today. Even people who face electrical problems in their years old premises are free to contact us anytime.