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Electrical Outlet and Switch Plate Insulators
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Installation of effective heaters is not enough to maintain warmth in winters. . Appropriate insulation of home is also very important to keep it warm in winters and also save upon your electricity bills. Cold drafts must be kept out and for this you need to insulate every exterior crevice of your home, through which heat can escape or cold air can creep in. Insulating doors and adding weather-stripping is a good way to conserve energy but the areas that homeowners often fail to insulate are under the covers of external wall electrical outlets and switch plates. As an experienced electrical contracting firm in Manhattan, Centrim Electric helps in complete insulation of such electrical systems.

Electrical outlets and wall plate insulators are made with thin dense foam and are devised to offer a snug fit directly under the cover plate. They are not very expensive and your electrical contractors can help you in purchasing the best ones from hardware or renovating supply outlets.

Most insulators are designed for single electrical boxes, but skilled electricians in NJ and NY registered with electrical contractors association can customize them to fit under double or triple electrical box covers. At times electrical contractors overlap 3 insulators to offer a tight seal under a triple cover plate, rather than cutting them to size that would leave a gap between them. Installing electrical box insulators involves removing the cover plate, inserting the foam insulators and replacing the plate. This needs to be done safely and this why it is essential to entrust the task only to a contractor registered with electrical contractors association.

Insulation of electrical plate covers may not seem to be very significant in reducing loss of heat but it is only after the installation that you realize its effects. Energy conservation offered by this device does help in reducing costs of keeping your home warm. Electrical outlet and switch plate insulators to prevent thermal loss can also be used in commercial premises especially in cold storages and factory areas for preserving frozen food. An industrial electrical contractor can be contacted for same.

Centrim Electric is registered with electrical contractors association in NJ and NY and is known for its residential and industrial electrical contractor services. We help you in cost effective installation and maintenance of electrical systems. Contact us for affordable and quality rich electrical services in NJ and NY.

Ensure Electrical Safety by Hiring Commercial Electricians
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A team of accredited and most skilled NJ electricians at Centrim Electric is well-versed in offering proficient services for installation, maintenance and repair of electrical appliances, electric circuits and other systems in homes and commercial premises. Not only this, the professionals also offer useful tips for reasonable and safe use of electricity for their customers. If required, they also update the whole electrical system to make sure that these valuable devices run safely for homes, offices, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets and factories. They carry out the whole procedure of electrical fixation in a way that there is no scope for a black out in your premises.

Sometimes, due to improper use of electrical equipment, several accidents and injuries occur that can also be fatal. Whenever such a problem is witnessed in your electric circuit or any appliance, it is best to contact a certified NJ electrician instead of taking the matter in your own hands without adequate knowledge. Safety against electricity failure is crucial for the betterment of your kids, family members and pets as well. Moreover, being a parent it becomes your duty to safeguard he life of your kids to set an example in front of them when it comes to safe use of electrical appliances. Here are a few things that make it essential to hire a commercial electrician:

  • 1.Assistance to your own maintenance groups when you have the occasional need to bring in additional manpower
  • 2.Electrical Preparation for New or Replacement HVAC and Rooftop Units
  • 3.Adequate Wiring Upgrades to Latest Code Compliance
  • 4.Lighting Improvements and Upgrades: Internal and External Lighting
  • 5.LEED Certified Electrical Contractor
  • 6.Ongoing Electrical Maintenance
  • 7.New Construction

Commercial electricians are fully capable to provide training and on-call support on all installed systems. Centrim Electric is known for its electrical engineering services and if you are looking for professionals for electrical maintenance of electrical systems at office, simply contact us for the most efficient and affordable services. Electricians help you to keep your appliances in finest working conditions and keep your energy bills low. Centrim Electric is the commercial electrical contractor of choice for electrical projects in thousands of offices and factories.

Devices on Switchboards in commercial Premises
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Electricity supply from the mainline must be divided into smaller segments to power the different appliances and electrical equipment in a building. This is facilitated by a switch board installed in the corner of the building. Typically switchboards comprise switches, fuses, buses and few other protective devices. For the safe installation of switchboards in new offices, hotels, hospitals, retail stores and other large premises, it is wise to employ only experienced commercial electrical contractors.

Flow of current in any conductor produces some heat. With the increase in flow of current, the temperature of the conductor also rises. However, electrical components can be damaged by this excess heat. It is for this reason that conductors have a rated current carrying capacity. Over-current protection devices prevent excessive current flow through the conductors. They are devised to regulate current flow in a circuit and maintain it at an acceptable level. The circuit conductors are thus protected from overheating. The over-current protection devices on switchboards also recognize the difference between over-current and short circuits. Minor over current may be allowed to flow for sometime but as the magnitude of current increases, the protective device reacts to interrupt the same. The switchboard may also have a fusible disconnect switch for protection from overflow of current. The device disconnects circuit when an over-current condition exists.

Another important device placed on switchboard is a fuse. It limits the amount of current that can be drawn by an electric circuit. This happens when the fuse elements opens up (blows or melts) when the current exceeds a pre-set limit. This safeguards the circuit and its surroundings from fire or any damage in the case of an overload or short circuit.

Circuit breakers on the switchboard also detect fault conditions and interrupt flow of current to protect electrical appliances. Unlike fuses that operate once and then need to be replaced, circuit breakers can be reset (automatically or manually) to resume normal operation.

All circuit breakers have a definite ampere, voltage, and fault current interruption rating. Ampere rating is the maximum continual current that the circuit breaker can carry without going beyond its rating. The circuit breaker ampere rating must match the conductor ampere rating. For instance in case of a conductor rated for 20 amps, the circuit breaker should also be rated for 20amps.

At Centrim Electric, we have a team of proficient and experienced commercial electrical contractors for installation, maintenance and repair of electrical fittings in different premises. We Mid-rise multifamily, restaurants, have proven our expertise by working for some of the most crucial projects for hospitals, hotels, offices and malls in NJ and NY. Contact us today for installation of switchboards in your commercial premises.

Rewiring Of House
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If you are planning a house renovation, rewiring may also be essential. Houses that are more than 30 year old or have an old fashioned wiring system – not apt for modern appliances – also need rewiring. If you stay in an apartment and need rewiring for your unit,in NJ and NY can be contacted for the job.

Your house may not be very old but there are certain signs that should not be ignored while deciding upon its rewiring or the rewiring of any particular room. Here are the indications that you need to consider:

  • There is no earthing system at the points of powerThe electrical lights begin to flicker on use of heavy appliances at home (like oven, geyser, air conditioner)
  • Old fashioned wires that are typically covered with black rubber
  • Signs of overheating at socket-outlets
  • Poorly designed fuse boards and single socket outlets
  • Fuse box that has a wooden back, cast iron switches or a jumbled mixture of fuses
  • Fuse box that does not have a circuit label
  • Sudden and intermittent power loss on the use of multiple appliances at a time
  • Frequent tripping of safety switches

The complete installation of new wiring calls for meticulous planning. The positions of new outlets and modifications that you require can be chalked out in your existing wiring system. The electrician makes a note of these while working upon the new wiring system. The time and cost involved in rewiring of a house depend upon the size of the unit, the layout of existing circuits and number of electric outlets. Changing the wiring system completely may take some time – this also depends upon the kind of old wiring system.

Rewiring of house or even a single room is not an easy task and obviously you cannot play with electricity. Professional electricians at Centrim Electric have years of experience in their field and have successfully completed wiring and rewiring projects for homes and offices across New Jersey and New York. As high rise residential electrical contractors, we also work with architects and builders to install the finest electrical systems in high rise residential and commercial buildings. For the finest rewiring of your house within your budget, contact our team today.

Looking for a good commercial electrical contractor?
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Often it happens that people face power cut in middle of the things. At that time, electrical contractors prove to be very accommodating.  In New York and New Jersey, several electric contractors offer services for designing, installation and maintenance of electrical systems. Centrim Electric provides you with best commercial electrical contractors.  Whether you are facing a problem of poor electronic appliances or regular power cuts, our qualified electricians are always there to help you out.

A careless attitude is the reason for various mishaps. Electrical faults can sometimes lead to various miseries. These faults can be accidental or can occur due to bad weather circumstances. For once, you may ignore a spike in the voltage or an electric shock rising out of electrical devices, but do not wait for a burst out. Go and consult a commercial electrician in NY and NJ. Once you consult commercial electrical contractors, they effectively work for electrical maintenance at your premises. Centrim Electric provides its services for residential as well as commercial purposes. Corporate offices, show-rooms, buildings, bungalows, societies, factories, and hotels all are benefited by our services.

Our team of commercial electricians empowers your electronic devices once you come in contact with us. The wide range of services offered by us work towards living up to your expectations. Electrical engineering, electrical consulting, home inspections and lighting services are some of our best availed services in NY and NJ. We think, design, execute and then strategize out our services. Our job does not get over with provision of our services. Once we are through with the installation of devices, we help you out with methods to handle the electronic devices.

We have upgraded our services with new and advanced technology.  With the help of latest technology our commercial electrical contractors endeavor to offer you with:

  • Fire alarm services.
  • High lighting.
  • Energy conservation.
  • Power control centers.
  • Industrial mechanization.

Centrim Electric provides quality services in New York and New Jersey. Our commercial electrical contractors work for electrical installation, maintenance and repairs. If you are looking for a good electrical contractor to renew or repair electrical appliances, then contact us today.

Install light switches by experienced electric contractors for safety
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Handling electrical works is not easy as that involve life threatening risks both for kids and adults. Installing light switches can be a good option, but that also requires good knowledge and safety measures. Instead of taking risk, you can take help of professionals at Centrim Electric to accomplish the task of installing or repairing any electrical devices quite effectively. Centrim Electric provides a team of licensed electric contractors with years of experience in the same industry to accomplish various tasks that include installation, maintenance and repairs in an impeccable manner. Since safety is very important when it comes to use electrical devices, you must follow a few easy tips illustrated by Centrim Electric contractors. They are:

  • The first step that you need to follow is the electrical safety. Whether you want to install light switch dimmer or light switch box, you need to make sure it is in a safety mode. Turn off the power supply prior to the installation.
  • Check the incoming cable with the help of a voltage tester in the electric box.
  • When you want to remove the old switches, make sure you have first removed the faceplate of the switch. Unscrew the screws and pull it out of the box. While doing this, you need to be very careful and make sure the switch is not in touch with the box. It is always good to remove the old switches and install new ones by experienced and licensed electric contractors
  • There are two screws in a single-pole switch. While installing, ensure that the bottom screw is “off”, while the top is “on”.
  • Wiring part is an indispensable part while installing the light switches. Connect the service panel wires both white and black to the bottom and top screws respectively.
  • You can connect both the white wire from the service panel to the white wire in the outlet. Service panel also has green wire, which is meant to serve the purpose of earthing. Now connect the other end of the wire to the two green wires.
  • Push the entire wires one after the other but make sure green wire is followed by white and black wire. Now try to fix the switch on the wall.
  • Always consult licensed Centrim Electric commercial electrical contractors for any installation, repairs and maintenance work.

These are the very easy steps by Centrim Electric commercial electrical contractors to install light switches. Centrim Electric has earned great reputation in providing the best electric contractors to accomplish all tasks related to maintenance, repairs and installation of all electric devices in NJ and NY.

Electrical Safety Tips : Commercial electrical contractors
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As a team of licensed and most skilled NJ electricians, Centrim Electric offers  proficient services for installation, maintenance and repair of electrical appliances, electric circuits and other systems in homes and commercial premises. We also give useful tips for economical and safe use of electricity to our customers and update them on valuable and practical safety devices for homes, offices, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets and factories.

Improper use of electrical devices becomes a cause of several accidents and injuries in New Jersey and some of these also turn fatal. When you suspect a problem in your electric circuit or any appliance, it is best to contact a licensed NJ electrician instead of taking the matter in your own hands without adequate knowledge. Electrical safety is important for kids and adults alike. Indeed as a parent you need to set an example for your kids when it comes to safe use of electrical appliances. Here are a few things that as per licensed electricians at Centrim Electric are important for safety:

  • Always avoid exposure of electrical outlets and appliances to water. Touching electrical outlets and plugging or unplugging electrical appliances with wet hands is also deadly. The electrical outlets in water prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchens must always have a ground fault circuit.
  • While unplugging a cord always pull out the plug gently and never tug on the cord. Also, the electric appliances that are not used constantly should be kept unplugged.
  • Avoid using items with damaged cords or exposed wires and get them repaired by a licensed NJ electrician as soon as feasible.
  • Ensure that you check for the wattage of every electrical appliance before plugging it in a socket. Variations in wattage can result in electrical shocks and short circuits that are very dangerous.
  • Overloading an electrical socket with too many appliances is a big safety hazard. Also remember that extension cords are a temporary solution and should not be used regularly for multiple appliances.
  • Assuming that you can repair minor electrical faults on your own, without any sort of experience is a big mistake. A slight error can result in a big accident. Always consult a licensed NJ electrician for any new repair work, new installation or maintenance.

Centrim Electric has earned the reputation of being one on the most proficient and customer friendly residential and commercial electrical contractors in NJ and NY. Contact us today if you need any help with your electrical appliances and circuits.

Simple Ways to Cut Down Your Electricity Bill
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You do require electricity at home to power up all those appliances but that bill that you regularly get from your power supply company often becomes a cause of worry. You need air conditioners and fans in summers and room heaters in winters – these do gobble a lot of electricity.  To conserve electricity, obviously you cannot just turn off all the appliances and continue with your daily tasks. The licensed commercial and residential contractors at Centrim Electric help their clients not just by installing and servicing electrical gadgets but also by giving practical tips for keeping energy bills low.

Here are a few guidelines that you can follow to conserve energy at your home:

  • Whenever you leave the room or are not watching the TV, turn it off completely – as per our residential electrical contractors, keeping the TV on standby mode does not help to stop its power consumption.
  • While using air conditioners or room heaters ensure that the room is well insulated and all doors, windows are closed. Also avoid opening and closing them frequently.
  • Do not wash half or semi-loads of clothing. It is better to make full use of your washing machine’s capacity if you are really serious about cutting down your power bill.
  • Turn off appliances like oven, blender, washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher and other appliances completely when not in use. Keeping them plugged in does consume energy.
  • When you use the dishwasher, fill it completely (like the washing machine) before turning the machine on. Washing small batches of dishes wastes electricity.
  • The ideal temperature for your thermostat in winters is 68 degree Fahrenheit. If you feel cold even after this setting, get used to wearing warm sweaters and socks in the house!
  • In winters when the sun is shining outside, keep your curtains and blinds open to let natural light in and keep your house warm. Correspondingly in summers, draw blinds and curtains to maintain to keep the rooms cool.
  • As per licensed residential contractors, window AC units must have some kind of shade over them so that the sunlight does not fall over directly. This also improves the efficiency of air conditioners.
  • If you have a garden or yard, plant lots of trees around to keep your home cool in summers – they also make your environment green and soothing.

The licensed residential contractors at Centrim Electric love to offer the finest electrical maintenance services to their clients. We help you to keep your appliances in finest working conditions and keep your energy bills low. Centrim Electric is also the commercial electrical contractor of choice for electrical projects in thousands of offices and factories.

Lighting and Air Conditioning Solutions for Supermarkets
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An average American family visits supermarkets and large grocery stores 2.2 times a week. Stores that are well planned and well lit help them to find the items that they need conveniently, and they feel comfortable shopping at such centers. While planning and installing lighting fixtures and other electrical appliances in their stores, store owners should choose the services of a licensed and experienced commercial electrician.

Commercial electrical contractors registered with electrical contractors association can help not only in the installation, but can also advise store owners of important electrical issues and conduct routine maintenance to ensure safe, effective lighting and electrical systems.

In a supermarket people make decisions on what they see. This is why is why it is important to use the right fixtures, lamps and filters that enhance the appearance and look of edible items stored on the store shelves. Lighting should be bright enough to make the merchandise appealing. The print on packages should also be easy to read. A commercial electrician installs effective lighting fixtures at appropriate spots and at proper angles to ensure that they illuminate the area well. Good lighting also reduces the glare and reflection on glass cases and this allows customers to clearly see the products contained within.

There are a myriad of features to consider when developing lighting designs for supermarkets: color rendering and appearance, points of interest, lamp life, light distribution, system control and flexibility, system efficiency and lumen maintenance. A commercial electrician who has handled similar tasks for large scale projects should be contacted for the selection of most suitable lighting systems for the store.

A supermarket that stores groceries and other edible products also needs to have proper temperature-controlled environments. There has to be an effective refrigeration system for the huge glass boxes that store perishable products like ice creams, frozen vegetables, juices, and dairy products. There also has to be a good air conditioning system for the store. Services of a commercial electrician are important for such jobs. Only a proficient commercial electrical contractor can ensure that all such appliances and electrical systems are working in an appropriate manner and are completely safe for the store.

If you need a commercial electrician for the installation and maintenance of electrical systems in your supermarket, your search ends at Centrim Electric. Having successfully handled several commercial electrical projects in New York and New Jersey, we offer services to malls, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and other commercial establishments. Contact our team for the finest commercial electrical contractor services in your state.

Electric Pool Heaters for Hotels and Homes.
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Swimming in temperature-controlled swimming pools is always a pleasurable experience. Who doesn't love being able to swim in the Fall or Spring months?! The installation and maintenance of temperature control systems for such pools must be entrusted only to licensed electrical contractors registered with electrical contractors association. 

Electrical heaters for swimming pools prove to be very economical and are more efficient than propane gas heaters. These heaters work by sucking heat out of the surrounding air and transferring it to the water in pool. The air is sucked in and compressed, raising the temperature, and water is run through a heat exchange system to pick up this heat. The heaters do not call for much electrical maintenance if they are initially installed by skilled electricians. In NJ and NY electrical engineering services registered with an electrical contractors association can install electrical pool heaters for residential and commercial sites.

Once an electric pool heater is installed, you can get desired levels of temperature in the pool within minutes and can enjoy long hours in water without having to worry about it getting cold again. The temperature of water can be set as per your preference. Modern heaters have compact design and are lightweight so they can be carried anywhere. Your electrical contractor can even fit the portable heaters in a different pool as and when required. They are above ground heaters and can be mounted on walls of the pool. They work in a noiseless manner and the digital thermostat easily controls the pool or spa temperature up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit even though normal pool operating temperature is about 84 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit.

Electricians registered with the electrical contractors association work on hot tubs, spas and pools and know the intricacies of complex electrical installations. Electrical devices in a pool filled with water need to be installed very carefully as minor mistakes can result in accidents and electrocution of the entire pool.

Centrim Electric is a licensed and well known electrical engineering service in NJ and NY. With more than 5 decades of experience in the field, Centrim Electric is also registered with electrical contractors association and offers a wide range of electrical installation and electrical maintenance services. Contact us today for installation of electric pool heaters and other devices in residential and commercial premises.