Different types of Intercom systems for your home & office
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Intercommunicating devices, popularly known as Intercoms are highly useful systems.  They are primarily used for connecting two individuals (who are distantly located) for enabling easy communication between them. Intercoms are a convenient means of staying in touch with others in large offices and buildings. They are useful for the elderly and disabled too who need to stay in touch with security guards. 

You can enjoy complete control and vigilance on your home or office by virtue of installing an advanced intercom unit. You can speak to the person at the entrance gate, before letting him inside your home. These units let you tighten the security and minimize the incidences of theft and burglary to a large extent.

If you are interested in buying an intercom system for your home or office, find out the different types of Intercom systems that are available in the market.

Door Systems-these are the very basic types of Intercom systems that are attached to the doorbell at the main door. You get to enjoy a two-way communication between the visitor and the resident with this unit.

Video Systems-these systems offer video features too. You can see the visitor in addition to talking to him or listening to his voice, before actually letting him enter your premise. Video systems offer enhanced security compared to the door systems. These days, you would come across video Intercom systems that come with added features like recording, and CCTV linkage. You can turn on the camera to see the footage in case of any theft or burglary to identify the criminals.

Music Intercom Systems – These are the latest systems that let you and other members inside the home listen and enjoy their favorite tunes, while answering the door bell and/or communicating with one another. As well as ensuring home security, these advanced systems serve the purpose of music systems too. Invest in a reliable music Intercom system to enjoy superior sound quality.

Baby Monitoring Systems – Also called nanny intercoms, baby monitoring systems are relatively new types of Intercom systems that are gaining a lot of popularity these days. These systems are just like small walkie-talkie systems that are attached with an LCD monitor. They allow you to monitor your child and her activities from anywhere inside the house in addition to enjoying easy communication with them when they are in their own room.

There are many other advanced Intercom systems in the market. Wireless Intercom systems are one such system that are gaining tremendous popularity in residential and commercial set ups due to the comprehensive security and advanced communication facility that they promise. These intercom systems can be easily integrated with CCTVs, burglar alarms and other devices for ensuring better control and surveillance in your building. Wireless systems are easy to use and are compact and flexible too.

With so many different types of systems available in the market, it is quite easy to find the system that suits your needs and budget. But do remember to get the intercom system installed properly if you wish to enjoy the numerous benefits offered by it. For effective system installation, call our commercial electricians. Our team of commercial electrical contractors at Centrim Electric Inc. are fully trained and equipped to carry professional installation of the Intercom systems in homes, as well as offices.

Practical benefits of installing CCTV camera
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Closed Circuit Television or CCTV camera as it is popularly known as is a highly useful security device. CCTV camera makes use of video camera to transmit a signal to a particular place, on the particular set of monitors attached to it. The device allows close monitoring and tracking of every activity that takes place inside the building where the CCTV camera is being installed.

CCTV cameras are being used increasingly these days in banks, airports, shopping malls, cinema halls, railway stations, schools, universities, and even in offices and factories that need close monitoring and surveillance.

There are several practical benefits of installing CCTV cameras. The biggest advantage of using the CCTV camera is that it helps deter thefts, burglary, and instances of crime in both public and private areas. When thieves realize that there is a surveillance system installed in a shop or at a residence, they are scared of giving shape to their malicious intentions as they know that they would be caught on camera.

Convenience store owners and factory owners can benefit a lot by installing CCTV cameras in their premise. They can easily ward off thieves and burglars and shop lifters by putting up this security device. Companies can enjoy peace of mind that their confidential business information and files and documents containing business strategies and plans would not get in the wrong hands. Employees and workers working in a company also think twice before stealing any company information when they know that there are CCTV cameras installed in the office premise and they would be easily caught if they do anything wrong.

In case theft or burglary takes places, CCTV cameras make identification of criminals quite easy. The video recordings are used for recognizing the criminals. The police uses the footage for tracing the thieves and also for proving their crime during court trials and proceedings.

CCTV cameras do lot more than mitigating crime and helping police in the identification of criminals. They help improve employee productivity. CCTV cameras provide constant surveillance, allowing the top management to see what goes on inside the factory premise, how employees are working, who is and who is not doing his/her job properly, and what all things can be changed for improving the work flow and employee productivity.

Employees also feel secure and confident when there are CCTV cameras inside offices/factories. They know that in case of any accident or mishap, their employers would quickly get to know of it and they would offer them the right first aid. If the nature of business is such that employees are prone to attacks from angry customers, by installing a CCTV camera, business owners can make their staff feel secure. Because every situation would be recorded, employees can rest assured that they would not be accused falsely.

CCTV cameras are imperative for businesses and residences that wish to enjoy unparalleled safety and other benefits stated above. For installation, you can contact us. At Centrim Electric, we have the best NJ electricians who can offer you efficient and reliable electrical services

Home Lighting and Fixtures
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Home lighting is an important aspect of any home. In addition to serving the functional purpose, it plays the aesthetic role of conveying the warmth and setting a certain mood inside a home. Depending on the lighting fixtures that may be installed in a home, a home may look bright or subtle or classy or modern.

When out to buy lighting fixtures for your home, you would come across three types of lighting-task lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting.

Task lighting is the lighting that aids in doing a particular task like reading, cooking or eating. This type of home lighting and fixtures are used in study rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. Table lamps are the best examples of task lighting. The light fixtures focus light directly where they are needed. Wall sconces are another type of task lighting fixtures. They help minimize shadows when put on the either side of the mirrors and are used for shaving and combing.

Accent Lighting, as the name itself suggests is a type of focused lighting that is used to accentuate or enhance any artwork or any specific area inside a room.

Spotlights are the most commonly used accent lighting fixtures inside a home.  They are used to illuminate a particular painting, wall hanging, canvas art print, or sculpture inside your dining room or dining hall. A lot of homeowners also make use of pendants or chandelier pendants and hang it from their ceiling for focussing attention on the desired objects.

High Pressure Sodium Bulbs, solar powered pot, and reflectors are some other home lighting fixtures that are used for accentuating the desired objects like plants placed indoors or even in the garden outside.

Ambient lighting provides general illumination to the entire room. However, this type of lighting fixture may be used to enhance wall colors as well. Uplights and Torchiere lamps are commonly used for creating the ambient lighting inside rooms. As they direct the light in the upward direction, they create a soft and diffused light effect in the room.

Wall sconces are also put on the wall for creating a subtle light background. Recessed lights are also being used increasingly for creating ambient lighting effect in homes. Also called Downlights or Can Lights, these lighting fixtures are installed into a small opening in the ceiling. They project their light in the downward direction which is diffused throughout the room. Recessed lights take little space and are ideal for use in bathrooms, staircases, and in other area of home that are not bid enough..

If you need to get home lighting fixtures installed or changes, contact us. Our electrical contractors in Queens at Centrim Electric Inc are experienced and possess wealth of knowledge in installing home lighting fixtures. We can also help you in replacing and repairing worn out and old lighting fixtures.

Fire Alarm Systems for Offices
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In the past, when fire alarm systems didn’t exist, huge fires burnt down buildings, destroying complete neighbourhood, and causing loss worth several hundreds and thousands of dollars. The main reason for the damages caused by fires in the past was that there were not effective fire alarm systems that could detect and prevent fire from spreading out.

Today, all most all corporate buildings, and even residential buildings are using the fire alarm systems as it allows one to enjoy peace of mind and protect one’s family, as well as personal assets and belongings from fire. Fire alarm systems promote security with perfect protection from fire hazards.

Fire alarm systems are primarily of two types-conventional and automatic.

Conventional fire alarm systems comprise of cable line out of the control panel and ending with an end of line component, usually a resistor. Detectors and manual call points are connected along the cable line. The lines that are organized in this way in fire alarm systems are called conventional areas or zones.

In case of automatic or addressable fire alarm systems, the cable line connects various devices and is made to start from the control panel and return to it. Lines of addressable systems are called circles or loops. These lines or loops allow full identification of each circuit device mounted on an individual address.

Automatic fire alarm systems are better for business premises and corporate buildings as they allow accurate and efficient tracking and positioning of fire due to individual address of the activated device. Further, the movement of information is two-way – from the control panel to the alarm / signaling devices and vice versa.

Other benefits of these fire alarm systems include, continuous monitoring of the device status, ability to work continuously despite cable failure, using smaller and optimal length of the cord for connecting the system, and ability to store information about the devices and events occurring in the system, 

Offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and multi stored buildings make use of automatic fire alarm systems as they are at a greater risk of fire break outs due to extreme heat produced from various units and equipment installed out there.

For installation of fire alarm systems in offices as well as in homes, you may contact us. Our electrical contractors in Brooklyn are the best with years of knowledge and experience in handling electrical work. We can manage everything, including installation and repairs.

Electrical Outlet and Switch Plate Insulators
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Installation of effective heaters is not enough to maintain warmth in winters. . Appropriate insulation of home is also very important to keep it warm in winters and also save upon your electricity bills. Cold drafts must be kept out and for this you need to insulate every exterior crevice of your home, through which heat can escape or cold air can creep in. Insulating doors and adding weather-stripping is a good way to conserve energy but the areas that homeowners often fail to insulate are under the covers of external wall electrical outlets and switch plates. As an experienced electrical contracting firm in Manhattan, Centrim Electric helps in complete insulation of such electrical systems.

Electrical outlets and wall plate insulators are made with thin dense foam and are devised to offer a snug fit directly under the cover plate. They are not very expensive and your electrical contractors can help you in purchasing the best ones from hardware or renovating supply outlets.

Most insulators are designed for single electrical boxes, but skilled electricians in NJ and NY registered with electrical contractors association can customize them to fit under double or triple electrical box covers. At times electrical contractors overlap 3 insulators to offer a tight seal under a triple cover plate, rather than cutting them to size that would leave a gap between them. Installing electrical box insulators involves removing the cover plate, inserting the foam insulators and replacing the plate. This needs to be done safely and this why it is essential to entrust the task only to a contractor registered with electrical contractors association.

Insulation of electrical plate covers may not seem to be very significant in reducing loss of heat but it is only after the installation that you realize its effects. Energy conservation offered by this device does help in reducing costs of keeping your home warm. Electrical outlet and switch plate insulators to prevent thermal loss can also be used in commercial premises especially in cold storages and factory areas for preserving frozen food. An industrial electrical contractor can be contacted for same.

Centrim Electric is registered with electrical contractors association in NJ and NY and is known for its residential and industrial electrical contractor services. We help you in cost effective installation and maintenance of electrical systems. Contact us for affordable and quality rich electrical services in NJ and NY.

Electrical Fittings in Your Basement
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Renovating a full height basement is a good way to add some more living space in your house. However, while converting the basement into a new room or hall, you do need to check the walls and corners for any cracks, and intermittent or permanent traces of moisture in the area. Quality of air circulation in the space is another aspect to take care of. To make the basement livable, you need to install appropriate electrical fittings – lights, fans, air conditioners and other equipment. This is where an experienced team of electrical contractors in NY comes to your rescue. Centrim Electric has successfully executed a number of electrical refurbishment projects for its residential and commercial clients.

A minor glitch in the electrical circuits of basement can cause sparks and fire to damage the entire enclosed space. Team Centrim Electric inspects each electrical fixture and wiring and installs them as per the size and architecture of the basement.

A large basement may have lighting fixtures that lay suspended from ceiling, track lighting, surface mount fluorescent fixtures, and surface mount incandescent fixtures. These can be wired into a light circuit so that when the switch is turned on, the entire basement bathes in light. The installation of three way switches at the top and bottom of the stairs adds to convenience and lets the users turn off the lights once they get upstairs.

While working on basement renovation, licensed electricians in New York and New Jersey also need to evaluate all HVAC systems (heating ventilation and air conditioning) that are older than 15 years. This is essential to determine their capacity and efficiency for additional installations. If the existing HVAC system of your house is unable to handle the additional load, a separate heat pump or air handler can be installed for the basement. This is a solution for heating and cooling in a single, compact unit. The enclosed unit also becomes more energy efficient and is simpler and more convenient to maintain. It further helps to avoid the need for piping and wire penetrations through the exterior walls.

Centrim Electric is a group of licensed residential and commercial electrical contractors in NY and NJ. We offer quality services for electrical installation, maintenance and repairs. If you are searching for an electrical contractor to refurbish your basement with appropriate electrical fittings, contact our team for the quickest services today.

CCTV Camera-Helps You Keep a Watchful Eye and Be Secure
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The number of robberies and burglaries taking place has risen alarmingly, but thanks to technology we now have devices to tackle the growing security problem in the country. CCTV cameras have helped a lot in maintaining security in areas such as parking lots, shopping malls, streets, banks and offices. CCTV cameras are not only required in offices and public places, but are also important in your homes as accidents and robberies can take place anytime anywhere. If you think that you are safe at your home, there are so many statistics which say the opposite. Installing a CCTV camera in your home can be very beneficial as security is something that cannot and rather must not be compromised upon.

Installing CCTV cameras in your home and offices can help you stay safe and keep an eye on any undesirable activity that may occur inside or outside the premises of your residence or office.  Closed-circuit television cameras have stood the test of time and are known for their effectiveness and capability in keeping an eye on the happenings around places such as banks, military installations, casinos, convenience stores and airports.

Depending on the area which needs to be covered and the technology required, there are several CCTV cameras available on the market. After deciding on getting a CCTV, the next step would be to search for a good electrical contractor in Brooklyn

Centrim Electric is an electrical company with a difference. We understand that security is of paramount importance to you. We provide a host of commercial and mixed use electrical services that includes High-voltage Installs, Solar Installation Consulting, Geothermal Installation Consulting, Service Upgrades, Fire Alarm System, Stand by Generator and many more. Electrical contractors in Brooklyn are adept at providing quality electrical services.

The advantages of installing a CCTV camera are several. When installed in stores and shopping centers they can be used to identify and nab shoplifters, keep surveillance on cash registers and transactions in banks, avoid disasters and future mishaps in offices and work places and last but certainly not the least scaring away potential burglars and thieves. CCTV cameras can help keep a watchful eye on areas where one cannot be present physically.

CCTV cameras have been successful in preventing and reducing crimes like murders, burglaries, thefts, attacks and even accidents such as fire, so installing one would be highly recommended.

Replacing Defective Electrical Switches
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The little switches on the electrical switchboards are used to turn the lights and power operated appliances on and off.  For electrical safety and durability of connected equipment, it is important to ensure that all electrical switches in your house are in proper working condition. An odd snap sound, crackle, or pop sound when the switch is turned on or off could be the sign that switch is defective. As a reputable group of electrical contractors in Queens, Centrim Electric offers quality electrical maintenance services to its customers – we help you in the timely identification of defects, repairs and replacements. 

If the switch gives out a sizzling sound, there is a possibility that its contacts are arcing and the switch is getting heated. The circuits need to be shut to prevent further damage to the switch. If the switch becomes too hot there may be a smell of plastic burning as the contacts can get hot enough to melt the plastic switch parts. To prevent such problems, it is important to get switches inspected as a part of regular electrical maintenance.
You might also notice a flickering light if the contacts of the switches are weak or burnt. The switch may become loose and may wiggle sideways. This indicates cracked or broken switch. At times a crackling or sizzling noise may also be due to a loose wire connection to the screw terminal of the switch. The connection then needs to be taken out, cleaned and reinstalled.

The most important point is to understand the warning signs and replace the switches in time. A defective electrical switch may become hot enough to start a fire – timely replacement is very crucial and because fiddling with electrical equipment is not safe, you need to contact electrical contractors for the job. 

At Centrim Electric, we understand that the sound working of different switches is integral for the safety and durability of your house electrical systems. We offer electrical maintenance services in cities of NJ and NY. Our job is to ensure flawless working of all electrical equipment and wiring at the premises of our residential, corporate, and industrial clients. We also provide advanced electrical engineering services to commercial and industrial clients. Call us at 1-8777-WIRES-10 for any electrical installation, repair or maintenance work.

Common Household Switches
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The electrical switches in a house complete the circuit to light fixtures when they are turned on to ‘switch on’ the light. Likewise, they break the circuit when they are turned off to switch the light off. The team of electrical contractors at Centrim Electric installs a variety of switches for household, commercial and industrial facilities.

Three commonly used switches used in American homes and offices include:

Single-pole switches – These are the most basic switches for homes and offices installed by electrical contractors in NY. Single pole switches just turn a light fixture on and off. These are available in a variety of colors and styles and are rated for 15 and 20 amps. Single-pole switches have two brass terminals for the live or hot wire connections and a green screw for the ground connection. The toggle handle on a single-poled switch may also be labeled for 'on' and 'off'.

Three-way switches – The convenience of a three way switch is that it controls lights from two different locations. A three-way switch proves very useful for lighting in spacious hallways, stairwells, and large rooms such as living rooms. They are also good for rooms that have more than one doorway. A three-way switch has two brass screws – a dark colored screw and a green one. The dark colored screw is for the live wire or the switch leg. The green screw in a three way switch is for the ground connection. Unlike single-pole switches, three-way switches do not have the toggle handle switched. This is because one position does not mean that it is necessarily on or off – it depends on the position of the other switch.

Dimmer switches – Our team of electrical contractors in NY and NJ has also installed a number of dimmer switches. These switches control the brightness or intensity of light. Dimmer switches use rheostats to brighten or dim the lights and are an advanced form of single-pole switches with multiple options. A dimmer switch may work just fine with incandescent lighting, but specialized dimmer switches are needed for ceiling fans and fluorescent lights. A rotary dimmer switch is basically a switch with a rheostat that is used to dim the lights via the switch.

Centrim Electric is a licensed and one of the most reputable residential and commercial electrical contractors in NY and NJ. Contact us for the installation and repair of any kind of electrical switches at most affordable rates for your home, office or industrial premise.

Parts of an Industrial Electrical Switchboard
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A typical switchboard in industrial premises has several devices to regulate the flow of current and to ensure the safe working of electrically operated machines in the industry. The services of experienced and proficient commercial electricians are integral to the safe installation of an industrial switchboard and for the maintenance or repair of the various devices on the switchboard. Centrim Electric is an electrical contractor of choice for a number of commercial organizations across New Jersey and New York – our electricians also help you understand the parts and functionalities of switch boards installed in your facilities.

The switchboard frame is the base that houses and supports all other components. The bus bars are conductors that serve as common connection for two or more circuits. Horizontal bus bars are used for the distribution of power to each section of switchboard section. Vertical bus bars distribute power to load devices through the over-current devices. The bus bars may be made of aluminum or copper. Any glitch with bus bars can result in uneven and unsafe distribution of current in the facility and a licensed commercial electrician must be contacted at the earliest to avoid serious complications or safety hazards.

The circuit protection devices on industrial electrical switchboards control and stop the flow of current as and when required. The flow of electric current can be instantly stopped in case of a short circuit, ground fault, or over load in the wiring or industrial machinery. Fuses, circuit breakers, ground fault circuit interrupters and arc fault circuit interrupters are the typical circuit protection devices used in a switchboard.

Fuses and circuit breakers disconnect the circuit automatically when the current flowing through them exceeds a certain limit. At this time the fuse melts and circuit breaker trips the circuit open. At the time of new electrical installations or during electrical refurbishment in the industrial premises, a commercial electrical contractor installs effective fuses and circuit breakers to ensure the complete protection of all machines and equipment.

Commercial electrical contractors also place ground-fault circuit interrupters on switch boards for factories in damp locations, construction sites, and other high-risk areas. These devices are meant to interrupt the flow of electric current in as little as 1/40 of a second to prevent electrocution. The arc-fault devices are also used to protect equipment from the impacts of arc-faults by recognizing the characteristics unique to arcing and by functioning to de-energize the circuit when an arc-fault is detected.

If you need reliable and experienced electricians for the installation and maintenance of switchboards in your facilities, your search ends at Centrim Electric. We have a team of licensed electricians for and give our customers the most delightful results on every electrical project that we undertake.